Memorial Planned

The memorial for Merle_ is going to be :
Saturday May 25, 2013
at The Mystic Dream
1437 N. Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA

If you cannot attend but wish to honor his memory, he would have requested that you do something that he would have enjoyed. Merle_ was not one with strong ties to ritual or tradition.

Sad news: merle_ has passed away.

[not merle_ posting]

merle_ passed away. He was found by the police on Monday May 13, 2013 after his wife called to say he was missing. He died at home, in his new apartment, apparently while sleeping peacefully.

He was 41 and is survived by his wife who loved him and many friends who are mourning his loss.

There is a memorial planned in Walnut Creek, CA on Saturday May 25, though some details are still being arranged.

the nostalgia, it burns!

In the computer parts box there is OS/2 v3, which promises to give blazing fast 32-bit performance even in low memory environments with just 4M. The doubling in eighteen months rule is still in full force. I look forward to expecting Exabyte hard drives before official retirement age.

There is also my first MP3 player, a Rio 300, complete with cables and power supplies. I remember listening to Falkenbach on it while walking to work, and later The Donnas. This solid state powerhorse could store between 7 and 12 songs on it at a time! Get back, iPods, you met your match decades ago!

*sigh* So much a geek. I *love* this old perfectly preserved crap!

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the unpacking

The movers arrived, so as well as nine bags of books I have 37 boxes. And a queen bed (man, they're huge!), four tall solid wood shelves, a large flat computer desk and less-flat chair, nice speakers, and.. well, months of sorting and dusting. It feels more and more like home, albeit a home haunted by millions of dusty ghosts that need to be pieced through.

A few boxes are labelled "computer parts" but for the most part they are quite unhelpfully labelled "books". I say unhelpfully, because although they do contain books which are often categorically sorted, I utilized any spare space to place other unsortables.

So, picking box #17 ("books") at random hoping it had the Dresden books, I slit open the lid to find a nice bag protecting the inside. Good on me. Next is a men's plaid nightshirt in original packaging with sales label intact. Uhm. Then, my two copies of Darklands, the best CRPG ever. Cool, those count as books in my mind. Then an original box containing the original install floppies for IBM OS/2 2.0. Erm. Really? The copyright date is 1982, how on earth did I get my hands on these when I wasn't even in high school yet? And why in the world did I bother to save them? Dunno. Then the Lost Treasures of Infocom (want, epi_lj?). Only then did I hit books. Mostly math textbooks with a few fun ones like Maxwell's Electromagnetic treatises and three technical telephone books that would have made a phreaker drool in the late 70s. I know I drooled.

So the moral of the story is mixed. I did an excellent job of packing so nothing would shift around, but a horrific job of labelling. You probably do not want me to help you pack things. I certainly underappreciate my flaccid efforts.

I continue to be flabbergasted at how nice this apartment is turning out to be.

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the home becomes more of a home

I have yet to post much about my new digs, like how I discovered it, how it is off the beaten path but right next to everything, how much work it entails, how much it will be worth it.. but today is a happy day.

Last night I retrieved many of my loose books. Some are full sets, like Erikson (only eight of the Malazan books fit in a grocery bag!), some are old coding books, others like the Lensman series and first five Berserker books are just "wow, I had this?". Thirty more boxes are coming. How these will all fit on four enormous bookshelves I have no idea. If we all lived in the same area I would do as I threatened to do with my siblings and we'd just rent a library.

I also have a set of Duraware utensils. Not the most amazing but free was a good price, and it looks far better than my mismatched bits. There is some food in the fridge. Haven't figured out the optimal airflow yet, but that'll come. Some art is on the wall (kensan_oni!) for probable porch shelving.

Plus this morning I saw two squirrels in the distance and two ravens who flew pretty close to one of my balconies. I'll have to figure out what ravens eat that I can put out. Carrion would smell bad. Maybe they like crickets?

Now to start sorting all the bills and such into their own folders. Been needing to do that for weeks.

Maybe I'll break open my Morgan-Greer Tarot deck and ask it what today holds. I know what I'll be doing, just not how it'll go or how exhausted I'll be. (the draw: 9 of swords inverted, strength, and world inverted. never gotten any of the major arcana in the past...)

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let the coupon barrage continue!

Apparently getting a new apartment (whole other joyous post too long to type now) and filling out a USPS change of address form online, and opting in to one or two coupons with "strict" will-not-share policies about giving your email out, results in a flood of 10% off coupons from every sort of home decor company, including ones you have never heard about.

Should they be transferable and should anyone want some, ask away, I probably have them.

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play 'em or fold

Why yes, that is me, eating dollar store salty chips off of a china plate. China that has been in my family for over six generations, carefully being dusted and displayed in curios while various people wandered by basking in the glories of rarely used china. If you ascribe to David Brin (which I do not), this china is near the height of perfection and it is time to use it.

Sure, almost two decades of use has put some chips in them (not salty ones), and *gasp* one of the smaller ones broke. A small price to pay to save my relatives from the stayputlust of inheriting them, when every single one said "eww, ugly, no thanks!" when offered the set.

Now I must ponder the use of a gravy pitcher. Gravy belongs on food, not in an odd cup that cannot be microwaved. Silly gravy pitcher!

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the joys of bad car insurance

(basically saying we hide anything that could go wrong with the car under obscure categories) "This result is not what you would like it to be, but we hope you can understand why no other result is possible."

I do. I completely understand. Before getting into another scrape, get State Farm. Results from the past are inescapable but foreknowledge wins out in the end. Nyaaah!

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new mecha

Hey.. it's been the 12th here for at least four hours. Where's my Valvrave? Teases.

Update: Oh, I have to wait 6:40. Guess I'll do laundry or eat a snail in the meantime.

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thoughts of peace

Sunup, and the moon is still high in the sky. My two local ravens greeted me without portent but flew up peacefully and then back to the treetops. The cricket was silent: on Friday it chirped all alone in the night, and yesterday there were answering chirps from far away. Perhaps they found each other.

It's a good day, hellacious though it may be at the same time.

I wonder if there is a field of history that looks at the works that an individual thought were important and built or rebuilt them. There must be, for it is obvious. But can one discern why these were primal sources for a person? If I told you that the two best lines in "Praise Him" were the Doctor saying "yes, of course, who else would you be?" and "wait, I wasn't talking about myself", that would give you a more accurate insight -- while on a level of documentation one would not think it one of my favourite episodes (it is not) nor be able to pick out those two bits as being reconstituting for me.

I could easily provide a list of works that have strongly influenced who I am, or resonated with who I am -- and to some level it would give a good impression of my beliefs. It only paints an outline, though.

Anyway. Happy Easter, y'all.

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